Our ethos

Social that
keeps it social.

Allow us to say “hello” in 7,000 different languages.
We are just that social.  AntiSocial is a group of humans (mostly grownups, some furry friends) working to keep Social social. It’s raw. It’s unpredictable. It’s unpolished (read: totally insane). And that’s why we love it.

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Our story

Hey, wanna talk
humble beginnings?

Alexa, play “Gangnam Style”. Yep, that's how old we are. What began as two people’s vision for a social-first future back in 2012 has grown into one of Canada’s top social media agencies with global reach. While our agency, our capabilities, and our team have grown. Our ethos stays the same. We will always lead the charge, social first.

Our commitment

Social with

Okay, let’s remove the filter for a second. Social media is more than likes, comments, and shares– it’s about connection. We strive to keep it that way. We keep the authenticity of platforms alive with content that speaks their native language, helping brands connect to their audience and stand out from the crowd. 

We’re here to help brands create connections, find their humanity, and ultimately their heart.

Create Connection Create Connection Create Connection Create Connection

Our team

Real people =
No catfishing.
Some robots.

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Julia Pascual

Influencer Strategist

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Laura Bell

Senior Copywriter

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Heather Martin

Media Strategist

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Christine Quiring

Director, Media

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Michael Panes

Senior Creative Strategist

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Tamiya Kabatoff

Associate Social Strategist

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Jaimie Hallarn

Associate Creative Director

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Shae Rea

Senior Talent Manager

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Taylor Lowe

Senior Project Manager

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Satoru Inoue

Director, Production

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Ann Dinh

Project Manager

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Elisha Zagerman

Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition

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Annie Seo

Account Manager

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Kiko Wu


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Aisha Fawkes

Marketing Manager

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Rui Gong

Media Coordinator

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Lauren Schuster

Senior Project Manager, Media

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Jonny Harris

Social Data Strategist

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Kathy Husar

Associate Director, Media

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Dan Culic

Managing Director

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Sadie Graham

Junior Copywriter

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Matthew Chiu

Junior Content Creator