About Us

Welcome to our house, where content, social, and media all live under one roof.

We work together to seamlessly bring your brand to life through an integrated marketing approach that combines robust social strategy, creative content, and intuitive media to create a brand presence fit for the digital age.

We exist to craft disruptive digital solutions in a crowded market, helping define your brand online and create conversation.

Right now, we’re staying home (it’s where the magic happens).

AntiSocial Meets Thinkingbox

Over the past seven years, AntiSocial has grown from a small startup into a creative competitor. Our work has spanned industries, built communities, and helped us become a force in the digital world. Now, it’s time for us to continue growing.

In 2020 AntiSocial joined the Thinkingbox family. As a leader in the world of innovative and interactive production, this merge has broadened the scope of our work, mixing digital strategies with colossal interactive knowledge.

With new offices in LA, Salt Lake City, New York, and Toronto, we are joining a talented international network that will allow us more resources, reach, and opportunities for creativity.

Our house just got bigger.

Our Leadership Team

In this industry, we lead.

AntiSocial is what it is today because of the people who work here. Our team is made up of professional creatives and explores the corners of digital marketing, redefining and breaking boundaries.

Take a moment to meet the people behind our company.

All Team

Daryl Louie


Alex Chan


Kristain Oliveira-Barnes

Director, Media

Jennifer Chiang

Director, Influencer

Deanna Bartolemeu

New Business Manager

Wayne Young

Director, Social Strategy