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Our roots are in Vancouver. We started as a small agency of 4 enthusiastic marketers in Gastown. Over the course of a few short years, we have grown into a diverse team that has become a staple for local businesses in social media, video production, and media buying (APS).

We believe each company has their own personality and unique story. AntiSocial Solutions takes a 360-degree approach to creating digital campaigns to deliver messages across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, websites, Adwords, YouTube, video content, more.

Notable Projects in Vancouver

We’ve been privileged to work with on some amazing projects in our home city.

New Years Eve Vancouver
In 2016, we were the official production partner of Vancouver’s first New Years Eve event hosted by the city of Vancouver. Thousands of British Columbians poured into the downtown core to witness our provinces first public celebration of the new year; and we were there to capture it all. NYE Vancouver won a Canadian Special Events Award and earned a ton of cross Canadian coverage, propelling additional funding and PR for NYE 2017.

Kurdi Refugee Arrival at YVR
One of the hottest political topics of the 2015 election was the Syrian refugee crisis, and whether or not the Canadian government should open up it’s borders to migrants seeking safe asylum. Shortly after a Liberal majority was announced, Justin Trudeau and his cabinet rolled out a nationwide activation to bring over 25,000 Syrians to our borders. We caught the emotional first Vancouver cohort in late December of 2015.

Pants Off YVR
We were privileged to help support Pants Off YVR, one of Canada’s leading Prostate Cancer Research fundraisers in the spring of 2016. The pre launch and event capturing were served nationwide and played key content pieces for the charitable organization.