The REEL Program is something that will empower marketers from Vancouver businesses to think about their marketing strategy for their social program first and foremost through video,” he told Vancity Buzz, “if I know that I have 60 – 120 seconds of video every month, I would know that I can strategically push out content that will make my brand stand out from my competitors in Social Media Newsfeeds and engage my community through the most commonly viewed form of media today.

“AntiSocial REEL”, featured in Vancity Buzz

When you launch a website, every new aspect of the property (articles, modules, widgets) essentially has two target audiences; human beings and robots. For that reason, we rely on AntiSocial to ensure that our site is properly optimized at all times for search engines like Google and Bing while also being extremely user friendly and fun for every day people. AntiSocial guides you through that process from scratch.

Celebrity Net Worth founder, Brian Warner

We have been working with AntiSocial over the last 2 years. Their understanding of social strategy and digital content has been instrumental in developing Daily Hive’s (formerly Vancity Buzz) Social Video program. Their ability to create quick Social Video allows us to post over 15 videos a month to a growing community that expects quality video content. We now average over 750,000 views a month on the videos they produce with us from Vancouver to Toronto. I would highly suggest them for anyone wanting to build a reputable brand online.

Daily Hive CEO, Karm Sumal