About Us

An integrated marketing approach is what makes sense to us.

We handle everything in-house, our photographers and videographers speak (face-to-face) to our social media strategists, who turn around in their desks to consult with our copywriters. They stay true to your brand’s voice, collaborating not only with each other but with you as well. Meanwhile, our graphic designers create websites and landing pages, grabbing attention in those first critical seconds. And their sophisticated print media game provides consistency across all mediums for your brand’s identity.

We know the right channels to promote your content. Our advertising pros plan and execute the most effective strategy, saving you coin in the long run.

In a world of unlimited marketing messages, we are your solution to antisocial marketing. It’s about making friends, building communities, and telling stories that establish why you fit into your customers’ lives. Educate them. Entertain them. Channel your brand’s voice to bring them together.

We also have permanent canine consultants who rule our office. Scheduling a meeting (re: belly-rubs) is strongly encouraged by our associates.

You deserve the freedom to pursue your passion. Let us tell your story.

AntiSocial x Thinkingbox

Over the past seven years, AntiSocial has grown from a small startup into a creative competitor. Our work has spanned industries, built communities, and helped us become a force in the digital world. Now, it’s time for us to continue growing.

As of April 2020, we are proud to announce that AntiSocial will be joining the Thinkingbox family. As a leader in the world of innovative and interactive production, Thinkingbox approached us with the goal of creating a diverse collective that executes physical, digital, and experiential strategies for clients across the globe. This merger will broaden the scope of our work, mixing digital strategies with colossal interactive knowledge. In addition, it allows our team to grow. With new offices in LA, Salt Lake City, New York, and Toronto, we are joining a talented international network that will allow us more resources, reach, and opportunities for creativity.

AntiSocial was created with the intention of making social media, an ironically antisocial experience, into a place where communities could connect. Over the years our work has not only connected brands to their audiences but has nurtured online relationships across the digital sphere.

We are keeping the name AntiSocial, as a tribute to our roots and as a testament to what our work stands for. In a way, nothing is changing. Our values are the same, our team is the same (though slightly bigger), and our work will only continue to improve. What you can count on is more diverse content, integrated real-world strategies, and high-level marketing that can only come from this kind of collaboration.

We want to thank all of our clients who have believed in us from the beginning, our city for always having our back, and our creative teammates that, over the years, made us into the company we are today.

There are no closed doors, only new paths being forged. We hope to see you out there with us– let’s create together.

Antisocial Media Solutions Timeline

  • January 2020

    Beedie first cohort campaigns help generate 600+ applications to Beedie Luminaries scholarship in it’s second year.

    We’re happy to have worked with the Beedie team to document and create awareness of their amazing scholarship program: Luminaries. The main campaign being: Dream Big

  • December 2019

    Inaugural AntiSocial Awards

    From Meme god to Most Valuable Playa, AntiSocial gave out 20+ awards that were earned by our team members that were voted on by their peers.

  • November 2019

    AntiSocial Xmas party at the Vancouver Club

    Classy celebration with our significant others.

  • September 2019

    AntiSocial adds two key assets to it’s Project Management team

    Just like our Social team, our Project Management team needed to grow it’s capabilities beyond what it could handle. Enter Karley and Reza!

  • July 2019Antisocial New Hires Creatives

    AntiSocial adds key members to it’s Content and Social Strategy team

    Our Social department was working on larger clients and needed to onboard key hires to create and execute top tier social media campaigns. We welcomed Aisha, Michael, Mark, Oli and Shannon.

  • May 2019

    #DanceTheSlurp - AntiSocial celebrates 50 years of Slurpee in Canada with 7-Eleven by remixing a classic record and creating a dance challenge across Canada

    We worked with 7-Eleven to identify, strategize, and execute a viral dance campaign. 10,000,000+ impressions of #DanceTheSlurp campaign content 2,000+ Dance submissions across Canada on Instagram feed / stories

  • December 2018Antisocial digital marketing

    AntiSocial’s 4th Annual Christmas party

  • June 2018

    AntiSocial launches the White Spot 90th Anniversary Campaign

  • February 2018

    Duro does the Toronto Mural

  • February 2018

    AntiSocial hits 1000 published videos on Social Media

  • December 2017

    AntiSocial's 3rd year Christmas Party

  • November 2017

    Antisocial goes to Cambodia in partnership with World Housing & Virani to document the unveiling of a new community

  • November 2017

    AntiSocial wins the Content Marketing awards at BCAMA with Save-on-foods for "Quality Moments, Quality Ingredients"

  • September 2017

    AntiSocial goes to Kelowna for a wine trip

  • June 2017

    AntiSocial becomes the first Social Media Agency in Vancouver to receive a commercial drone flying license

  • May 2017toronto office antisocial

    Toronto office opens

  • April 2017

    AntiSocial's office mural painted by Meg McGrath

  • March 2017

    AntiSocial Moves to 1008 Homer Street

  • November 2016

    AntiSocial does the Mannequin Challenge

  • March 2016antisocial solutions 2ndparty

    AntiSocial's 2 year party

  • February 2016

    AntiSocial moves into second office

  • December 2015antisocial solutions 1st xmas

    First AntiSocial Christmas party

  • April 2015

    AntiSocial moves into first office