The Story

Bootlegger -the place for jeans- was turning 50 and wanted to celebrate in style (50 years of style to be exact).

  • year2021

The Challenge

Officially a golden oldie 

Being around 50 years is no easy feat, especially when trying to be hip and happening with a younger audience. Bootlegger tasked us with creating a nostalgic campaign to help celebrate 50 years of fit and remind people that Bootlegger is just like their favourite pair of jeans: timeless, comfortable, and always in style.

The Solution

50 years of styles. One Campaign. 

AntiSocial and Thinkingbox partnered to develop a social and media campaign to celebrate Bootlegger’s 50th Anniversary to drive brand affinity and attract old, new, and current customers, all while creating a strategy to re-establish a connection and relationship with the Bootlegger brand. We leverage 50 years of classic denim styles in retro-inspired creative to drive the message home: Bootlegger is here, for whatever era fits.


They've still got your butt

We presented three territories that all highlighted unique aspects of the Bootlegger brand. Landing on “They Still Fit”, our team created a Social Playbook that outlined the campaign framework; provided tools and tactics that will drive engagement, increase traffic and strengthen brand affinity, and created an actionable strategy for Bootlegger to leverage employees at the individual store level. Coupling our social efforts with an evergreen media strategy enabled cohesiveness across all elements of the digital ecosystem.

The Results

Celebrating the era of fit with retro creative, killer styles, and nostalgic messaging to touch on exactly why we’ve trusted bootlegger with our butts for over 50 years.