The Story

A $4.7-million Vancouver dream home, complete with a company office and music studio.

This truly rare property in Vancouver’s historic Gastown neighbourhood offers business owners an incredible combination: to live and work in a completely private building. The property features a 2000ft2 industrial office space on the main level, a 676ft2 heated garage and a 942ft2 soundproof music studio down below, and tops it off with a 1827ft2 residential loft above. Oh, and don’t forget the rooftop deck. Formerly a pre-WII Canada Bank building, this unique property perfectly blends history and modern architecture to create the perfect work-life balance.

The Challenge

Creating a captivating listing video for such a unique Vancouver property.

The client really wanted to showcase the diversity of this unique space. The property, which allows the owner to live and work without having to leave the building, needed to be showcased simultaneously as a residential, business, and creative property. Combining these three categories is not common practice in real estate listings, but it gave us an opportunity to draw on our extensive agency experience. Luckily, our creative team has worked in every possible industry and brought their vast creative knowledge to the table, which made for some stunning visuals. 

The Solution

We showcased the space by creating a visual story of the lifestyle that comes with owning a property like this.

We wanted to really sell the space and show it in action; to show potential buyers how it would be used in real life. The video that we created is very cinematic and uses drama, which is designed to capture the attention of the viewer. This style allows viewers to experience the space in a much more dramatic and exciting format than is expected from traditional listing videos.

To start, you see a couple enjoying the space as a home, relaxing and stretching out in their living room. Then you see employees working in the office, utilizing the space for day-to-day functions. Then we cut to the unique music studio, bursting with instruments and fun possibilities. And finally the garage, with the motorcycle driving out, really bringing home that lifestyle aspect and creating a narrative for potential new owners.  It was important for us to showcase a unique space with a unique video.


Listing Video

We created a 2-minute lifestyle listing video that provided the viewer with a captivating look at the unique space. Talent was hired to act as the owners and employees to help sell the story. Animated text provided bite-sized pieces of information regarding the specs of the property. The idea was to deliver the dream and the facts alongside each other, in order to create a truly mesmerizing lifestyle experience.


Our campaign incurred city-wide recognition, even landing a top spot on one of Vancouver’s best-known publications, Daily Hive.

Our media team captured photo and created motion and still graphics that were used as supporting, original content throughout the campaign. The photo and graphics are wholesome and family friendly. They feature clean graphics and warm photographs perceived as quality moments.