Chambar Restaurant in Vancouver: Foraging for Mushrooms

This video started by collaborating with Chambar to create a video that showed the freshness and extra care that went into the food. Everything is made in-house right out of their Vancouver based restaurant location. For this video, their creative team went out and actually foraged their own mushrooms for dishes in their upcoming brunch. The mushrooms are one of the cornerstones for their delicious omelets. This exciting video lets Chambar show the adventure is not just in the kitchen, but also in the ingredients. From Vancouver to Pemberton and back, the story takes us along for the ride.

The content is shot entirely on GoPro. We ride along with Chef Nico Schuermans and his classic Triumph on the way to the mountains in search of the perfect mushroom. With a small crew, we followed Chef Nico on the highway and into the wilderness. It’s not a regular day when you’re on an adrenaline rush behind a man who rides like a bat out of hell! You’ll never have a better mushroom omelet in Vancouver B.C. like you will at Chambar.