The Story

Legendary Cheetos were given center stage in our AR activation that created a Museum for Cheetos, curated by Chester the Cheetah himself

  • services360 / AR / VR
  • year2020

The Challenge

New life for an old classic

Cheetos have been gracing our palates since 1948. We were tasked with bringing this treat straight into the digital age with a memorable activation that delights users.

The Solution

A museum for Cheetos

We came on board with Frito-Lay and lead agency, Citizen Relations, to create a new engaging addition to the web contest experience using Facebook Spark AR, allowing snack lovers to step directly into the museum and interact with the brand in a completely new way. The filter was fully interactive with several surprise and delight touchpoints. Facebook users could interact with the snacks, triggering bespoke animations.


AR meets Chester the Cheetah

We used Facebook’s Spark AR Studio to create an overlaying Augmented Reality camera effect to superimpose Chester the Cheetah and the Cheetos Museum onto the real world complete with interactive touchpoints triggering 3D animations, shader effects, and user engagement. The experience was anchored to the real world with the use of Spark AR’s Plane Tracking capability which allowed the user to walk around and get up close to the 3D scene we had created.

The Results

Cheetos in a whole new way- same delicious taste, new real-world activations.