The Story

Cleo 40% Off Digital Sale

Cleo is an apparel brand that sells professional and casual wear for mature women. To boost their eCommerce sales, encourage new account sign-ups, and reach new audiences, Cleo asked us to help them create a high-quality online ad strategy.

The Challenge

Doing A Lot With Just A Little

Cleo already had a lot of recognition among its users, and they historically generate significant revenue with minimal ad spends. As such, they were looking to run their online sale with a budget that was smaller than what we usually recommend for clients. Budget size tends to influence potential reach, which creates a higher likelihood of conversions in the form of sales. The challenge for us was to produce positive results using a modest spend.




Account Creations


Click-Through Rate

The Solution

Getting Smart with Smart Ads

Our media buy team did an audit of Cleo’s Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts in order to identify areas of improvement and optimization. From there, we ran display ads targeting new audiences and users that had visited Cleo’s website before. These ads did a great job of improving awareness and getting people to view products on the website. 

After running display ads for an initial period, we pivoted to running Google Smart Ads, which led to customers making purchases and creating new accounts on the Cleo website. Ultimately, we were able to drive a significant amount of new users and revenue even with the limited campaign spend available.


Google Display Ads

Google Display ads were used to drive awareness of the 40% off sale as we are able to get an incredible return on spend for cost/impression. These ads are meant to follow around audiences in higher frequency to continually remind them that there is a promotion running such that when they’re ready to shop, they will convert.

Google Smart Ads

Google Smart Ads are our gateway to connect consumers that already have intent to purchase something like “yellow floral women’s dresses” or “butt-lift ankle-pants”. Our ads can get in front of these prospective buyers to direct them to corresponding pages on Cleo’s website. Rather than focusing on awareness, these ads are meant to drive traffic to the website and support sales.

The Results

  • Account Creations: 185 
  • Transactions: 189 
  • Product Views: 2,162 
  • Clicks: 4,604 
  • Click-Through Rate: 8.51%