The Story

Engaging the online community through tournament polls

Aa a co-operative owned business, Co-op helps build, feed, and fuel Western Canadian communities; from urban to rural. On top of that, they give back to the communities that they thrive in through cash-back memberships. Unsurprisingly, they are consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top 500 companies. 

Every fall, the Co-op Home & Building chooses a Colour of the Year to feature in their stores and online, encouraging awareness of their Imagine Paint line. Co-op’s community is at the core of its business model and values. Through a campaign centred around the Colour of the Year, we found a way to engage their online community by giving them a voice and the power to choose on Co-op’s social platform.

The Challenge

Incentivizing Engagements & Raising Awareness

Co-op was looking for us to support their Colour Of The Year contest by encouraging engagement and raising awareness of their paint line, Imagine Paint. They looked to us for a creative approach and how to optimize the campaign based on our social media platform expertise. They also wanted to increase the Co-op CRS app downloads.

The Solution

For this activation, we took a holistic approach, using multiple touchpoints of their digital ecosystem to increase ROI. The campaign consisted of tournament-style Facebook polls, supported by paid ads and blog articles. We engaged the community through a series of incentivized Facebook polls, educated them about the colours through our blog articles, and increased awareness of their product line using ads. We came up with a series of ads that provided exclusive offers for promotional deals, directed at increasing app downloads.


Tournament-style Polls & Giveaways

We chose to execute our contests through Facebook’s interactive poll feature. The polls showed live results and allowed for aesthetically pleasing creative content. Each tournament had three objectives: votes, awareness, and engagement. We incentivized voting by pairing each poll with a $500 Co-op gift card and a painting essentials kit. In order to be eligible to win the prize, we asked users to vote and comment with their favourite colour and what they would paint with it. We promoted the polls through Facebook Ads Manager.

Paid Ads & App Downloads

We ran campaigns that helped raise awareness of the current promotional offers attached to the Colour of the Year campaign. We created ads with the objective of app downloads.  Example: Planning on giving your home a facelift? Save $15 on Imagine Premium Interior Paint when you use our app. Every drop counts.

Blog Articles

We directed social traffic to specifically designed blog articles. The articles were written to educate and entertain Co-op’s audience and increase awareness on the Imagine Paint line and premium colours. They also included a direct CTA back to the social media campaign, creating a link-back relationship between their website and social platforms.

Supporting Graphic Design

We picked photos that were simple, aesthetically pleasing, and showcased the colours prominently. Since we had limited assets for the social content, we created unique graphics to represent what each colour would look like in a home environment.

Motion Graphic Announcements

We recreated a live reenactment of the results of the poll, starting from 0. It was a visually engaging way to announce each tournament winner. We did this for all three rounds and maintained consistent aesthetics  so each round was cohesive. This strategy mimicked a real Facebook poll which helped to maintain consistency on the channel.

The Results

  • 2050 clicks
  • 1278 landing page views: Strong for SEO and shows relevancy for ads
  • 3.58% CTR: Average across all industries on Facebook is 0.90%
  • $0.39 CPC: Average across all industries is $2.44
  • 7673 Page Engagements






Landing Page Views