The Story

Going big for the Deighton Cup’s 10th anniversary

Following the stylish traditions of the Melbourne Cup and Royal Ascot that reaches back to the 18th and 19th centuries, Vancouver’s Deighton Cup reached its 10th anniversary in 2018. As one of Vancouver’s most fashionable and luxurious festival, the 10th year was the biggest party yet. Fancy hats, oysters, mixologists, and horse racing: this event is an annual chance to indulge and look good while doing it.

  • servicesSocial Media Strategy, Sponsorship Management, Paid Advertisement Strategy, Live Event Coverage
  • year2018

The Challenge

Big results for the biggest event to date

The main goals were selling tickets and a strong ROI on advertising them. While having a 10-year history and being one of the most Instagrammable events of the year, there is still the challenge of countless summer events competing for people’s money and attention. With satellite events and events within the main event, strong brand consistency was essential.

deighton cup Instagram management
Instagram video

The Solution

An advertising strategy with tactical segmentation and persistence

Focusing on paid advertising strategy, we identified and segmented audiences. We conducted A/B testing for ads. We also updated ads with remaining tickets to drive urgency. Paid advertising covered Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram. Email marketing and social media management with organic/non-promoted posts were utilized. Giveaways to encourage tagging and sharing on Facebook and Instagram were also included. Brand consistency was held through all visual mediums from graphic design, photography, animation, and video.

Sponsorship Management

Sponsorship management for Deighton included extensive coordination with each of the events sponsors. We fulfilled contract obligations and made creative the sponsors could leverage on their feeds. By giving them branded content, we promoted consistency across all accounts. We also provided and imposed best practices as per Deighton.

Paid Advertisement Strategy

After testing, we discovered the best placement for Deighton’s ads included YouTube Pre-roll, Instagram Story advertisements, Facebook ads, Google Display, Google Display Network, and Google Search.

deighton cup advertisements

Live Event Coverage

We worked closely with the sponsors PR teams, attending the events promoting Deighton prior to the event to cover on social media. Events included (but aren’t limited to) Indochino, Earls, the cocktail launch pre-party at Reflections, and a mixology competition at Prohibition. We also covered the actual event on Deighton’s social media as well.

The Results

  • $115,267 in ticket sales from a $13,725 total ad spend = 739.83% ROI
  • Strong organic engagement on Instagram
  • 95.9% Instagram follower increase over 5 months with a $0 Instagram post promotional budget


Total Ad Spend


In Ticket Sales


Return On Investment