The Story

Fairmont has become the quintessential luxury hotel brand of Canada with 19 locations.

Over the last few decades, Fairmont has become the quintessential luxury hotel brand of Canada with 19 locations. Six are located in British Columbia: four in Vancouver, one in Victoria, and one in Whistler. The Fairmont hosts countless international and local guests in our country and province, making it a privilege to work with them.

  • servicesPhoto and Video Media, Social Media Strategy
  • year2017

The Challenge

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver was looking for photography that captured the essence of their brand, the experiences they offer, and the stories of their hotel, staff and guests. The Hotel Vancouver is a heritage luxury brand with an 80-year history while simultaneously a fun modern travel destination. They needed solutions for this dual tonality to shine in all their imagery, across a variety of activations.

fairmont social media campaign

The Solution

We created a series of campaigns to highlight the dual aspects of The Fairmont’s brand. While each campaign told a different story, they were all focused on The Fairmont’s charm and desirable qualities as a destination spot.


The Lady in Red Campaign

As local Vancouver legend has it, the Hotel Vancouver is enchanted by a friendly ghost known as “The Lady in Red”. She is believed to be the spirit of a popular patron of the hotel who passed away in a car accident in the 1940s, sightings and premonitions are reported by staff and guests ever since. Our goal was to modernize the story with new visuals optimized for social media. We created a series of desaturated photos and cinemagraphs that led up to an atmospheric video. Used as a short campaign running up to Halloween, we saw a large influx of engagement.


Jimmy Choo

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver was given the opportunity to collaborate with Jimmy Choo for an Afternoon Tea on their 15th-floor rooftop. We photographed the Jimmy Choo-themed tea tier and the exclusive shoes for sale at the event. Our vision for the shoot was to maintain the aesthetic and brand standards of our client while also capturing content that Jimmy Choo could repurpose. The bright and open space of the event produced some beautifully vivid and sophisticated images.

Fairmont Lifestyle

The goal of this lifestyle shoot was to reflect the emotions and memories guests will have at the Hotel Vancouver. Through capturing hotel guest moments seen through the lens of the Fairmont brand, we presented a stylized yet relatable vision. The result was a personal connection between potential guests and the Hotel Vancouver lifestyle.

World Class Wild - Fairmont Waterfront

In 2017 the six Fairmont locations in B.C. launched #WorldClassWild, with each offering a new collection of luxury travel experiences. For this, we created original visual content and engaging Facebook Canvas ads for an interactive, multimedia experience. The Fairmont Waterfront’s “Hive to Honey” experience included an educational visit to their rooftop aviary. This is where honey is produced and used in their cuisine and cocktails. This beehive photo reflected the guests’ visceral involvement that made their dinner unforgettable. The World Class Wild campaign was awarded a Bronze Medal at the 2017 HSMAI Adrian Awards.

World Class Wild - Rocky Mountaineer

Part of Hotel Vancouver’s World Class Wild experience “Tea to Train Tracks” included a partnership with Rocky Mountaineer. To capture the romance of luxury train travel, our crew took one of their journeys across the province to document the service, cuisine, and guest interactions.

The Results

Individually, each of these activations told a different brand story through their visuals alone. Hotel Vancouver’s heritage and elegance through “The Lady in Red”. Jimmy Choo became another story of Fairmont’s style and spontaneity. Lifestyle photography told short stories that Fairmont guests could star in. World Class Wild invited guests to create their own story they would tell for years to come.


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