Purpose of the Video

To team up with Talk2Me Canada to raise awareness of their make-up challenge in support of mental health.

Video Description

Talk2Me connects people with a clinician that fits their personal needs and preferences based on the factors that matter most to you, such as theoretical approach, gender, sexual orientation, and many other

Talk2Me Canada collaborated with Yasaman Gheidi, aka Beauty Blogger @lilmoonchildd and Creator of the Inside Out Challenge. Yasaman is bringing visibility to mental illness in a beautiful way; a social media-based challenge which asks participants to visualize their mental illness using makeup.

Inspired by the Disney-Pixar movie “Inside Out”, the Inside Out Challenge aims to provide a safe and creative way for people living with mental illnesses to share their experience living with conditions like anxiety and depression.

Talk2Me Canada was inspired by the campaign and collaborated with three staff members of AntiSocial Solutions who were delighted to participate in the make-up challenge. They each shared their individual stories and the meaning behind what was being painted on half their face. An expression of how they have felt on the inside to inspire other to get the help they need.