The Story

An iconic Canadian snack

The Kernel’s Popcorn story starts back in 1983 when they opened their first flagship store in
the Toronto Eaton Centre. Since then, their popularity blew up across Canada in the 1990s
and has been growing since. Riding the health food trend, Kernel’s offers popcorn as an
alternative to greasy snack foods like potato chips. What has always made the Kernel’s
brand stand out from competitors was their fun flavours, playful attitude, and charitable

  • servicesSocial Media and Campaign Strategy, Photography, Graphic Work and Animation
  • year2018

The Challenge

Sharing fun across social media

Kernels was looking to improve their social media presence and let their playful, caring brand shine. We came in to help through creating colourful, engaging content, entertaining giveaways, and promoting the customers’ and company causes. This increased social presence also helps to raise awareness for and drive online sales.

The Solution

Original content, regular giveaways, and fundraising

By creating original content and promoting regular giveaways and fundraising opportunities we improved Kernel’s online presence. Followers were interacting with Kernels on their social media accounts, sending in popcorn art for contests and interacting with their Optimism Project. With strong community engagement, Kernels became a brand that people felt as though they knew on a personal level.


Photography, Graphic Design, and Animation

We captured the essence of the Kernels brand in photography, graphic design, and animation by associating it with the playfulness of popcorn. We used use pastels and pops of bright colours to represent the happy attitude and playfulness of the brand in the content we produced. We also incorporated lifestyle shoots in relatable settings to humanize Kernels. And of course, the photoshoots we did with dogs played a part in this. The Kernel’s audience loves dogs.

We also used cute animations that catch the eye, popcorn art tied to promotions, events, holidays, and more. No matter the variety, keeping brand consistency was a top priority, letting all Canadians know that each piece of content was from their favourite Canadian popcorn brand.

Social Media Campaign Strategy for Giveaways

A follower favourite that steadily delivers results is the MONDAY BLITZ campaign. This is a giveaway held every Monday; the regular schedule makes it easier for followers to remember and a reason to check back each week. The prize is usually a $25 virtual gift card, with a larger amount or different prize occasionally offered. For each giveaway, the visual content and caption always change to keep it interesting. For example, seasonal based content with a matching caption, like asking followers to comment with their favourite indoor activities for the fall season. The post includes a photo of a model in a fall setting holding Kernels Popcorn. Giveaways were often “boosted” on Facebook with a low ad spend ($20-$50) for an exponential effect, reaching far more people than an organic post and drawing more potential followers.

Social Media Campaign Strategy for Fundraising

Kernels charitable efforts have two parts: their Optimism Project and their popcorn as a fundraising tool. To connect with and also help their target market of families with kids, their popcorn can be sold in person or online to help raise funds for causes such as schools, sports teams, or a charity of choice. Some proceeds of sales will also go towards their Optimism Project, which supports charities such as Autism Speaks Canada and WE Charity. On top of helping with customers’ personal causes and the Optimism Project, charitable brands are appreciated by consumers, including the growing millennial family demographic

Kernels Social Media Campaign Strategy-for-Fundraising

The Results

After our first six months creating original branded content for and managing Kernel’s social media, we saw organic and paid impressions and user engagement.

Facebook Organic Page Impressions: 515,056

Facebook Paid Page Impressions: 532,458

Facebook Total Page Impressions: 1,058,565

Facebook Total Post Impressions: 508,969

Facebook Total Engaged Users: 31,391

Instagram Total Engagement: 9,215

Instagram Total Impressions: 136,716

Facebook Photos

Average reach: 3,491

Average post clicks: 304

Average reactions, comments, and shares: 290

Facebook Videos

Average reach: 2,792

Average post clicks: 158

Average reactions, comments, and shares: 139


Organic Page Impressions


Paid Page Impressions


Total Engaged Users