Purpose of the Video

Making a splash about Caesars.

Caesar cocktials are among the most searched cocktail Google queries in British Columbia, yet a lot of folks aren’t aware that it’s been anointed its own special holiday. We’re lucky to be a Vancouver marketing agency who’s particularly proud of our coastal locale, and highlighting our favourite Caesar’s at our favourite restaurants was an easy win to celebrate this quirky-Canadian holiday. This video was published on Daily Hive and at the time of this post, had 277,035 views, and over 2K shares and likes.

Video Description

Didn’t know National Caesar day was a thing? I certainly didn’t. And if you were to guess when it was, you’d reckon at the VERY least it was on a Sunday, Right? But it’s not, it’s a totally random day, and a day TOTALLY worth celebrating.

We wanted to educate Vancouverites on the greatness that is National Caesar day by showcasing the best Caesars in town. The location, the ingredients, and the method behind the madness are profiled in each one of Vancouver’s favourite Caesar-championing-restaurants.