The Story

When your love for french fries burns so deep that a part of you just wants to hike to the top of the tallest mountain and scream it out loud. We teamed up with McDonald’s and Cossette for National French Fry Day to help fry lovers everywhere celebrate.

  • servicesInstallation
  • year2020

The Challenge

Set the bar high (a couple of miles high to be exact)

McDonald’s Canada and Cossette, in collaboration with WondrMakr and Quiver, tasked us with conceptualising a way for fry fans throughout Canada to unite and celebrate the humble french fry just in time for National French Fry Day.

The Solution

Creating that Fry-day feeling

We created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for french fry lovers to proclaim their love from the top of a (literal) mountain. French fry enthusiasts were able to livestream their declarations of love from the top of one of BC’s finest peaks via a massive mock drive-thru installation. Easy as Fry.


Friestreaming to let your freak flags fry

Fry fans were able to submit videos of themselves screaming out their fry love via Instagram stories using the hashtag #NationalFrenchFryDay. Dubbed the “friestream”, the campaign saw over 800,000 livestream views, 40 million media impressions, and pushed the McD’s app to #1 in the iOS app store. We’d call that one hell of a delicious success.


Livestream Views

40 Million

Media Impressions