The Story

Moe’s Home Collection: #MyMoes

#MyMoes is a cinematically shot video campaign designed to introduce Moe’s Home Collection as a household name in Vancouver. Local ambassadors are featured as they tell compelling, personal narratives using the Moe’s Home collections as a vessel to communicate their stories.

The videos encourage conversation among Moe’s audience, driving engagement through the tagline: “This is #MyMoes.”

The Challenge

Connecting brand ambassador’s audiences with the Moe’s Home brand

Each brand ambassador had a different audience, profession, and voice. Our challenge was to find a cohesive thread that linked all of the ambassadors while making it relatable to both the ambassador’s audience as well as Moe’s Home. Our goal was to use personal stories of success to increase brand awareness and show the ways that furniture and style can impact a business.

The Solution

Relatable content from real people who love the brand

The Moe’s Home audience had the opportunity to see the brand looking through the eyes of all the different ambassadors, sharing their stories and personal experiences, driving engagement through their own narrative to their social networks. By producing a beautiful collection of content (blog writing, video and photo), we increased awareness of the Moe’s brand online as well as supported their trending hashtag #MyMoes.



We executed a strong story line that aligned with the brand values. We captured  candid and genuine moments that the Moe’s audience could relate to and/or be interested in.

Blog Writing

Each blog was personalized to each ambassador to show how Moe’s Home had impacted their business and how it fit in with their lifestyle.

Social Strategy

Cross promotions and contests with selected ambassadors added a voice behind the brand. Creative copywriting reflected the experience of the ambassador. Hashtag strategy connected us to both the ambassadors audience as well as the Moe’s Home audience.

The Results

For the period that the #MyMoes campaign ran, we saw a significant increase in web traffic and sessions on the Moe’s Home website. Web success was measured in terms of two parameters – new users and sessions. New users is a measurement of the number of new customers that were brought to the website. Sessions is a measure of user interactions with a website that take place within a given time frame, and is considered to be over after 30 minutes of inactivity. As a result of the traffic and awareness generated from the campaign, there was a 54.87% increase in new users and a 54.61% increase in sessions. Given that the average user in 2019 spent under 4 minutes on the Moe’s Home website, the data for MyMoes showed a 63% increase in average session duration which is incredible. Users were spending an extra 2.5 minutes on the website. Consider that 2.5 minutes on its own is considered a good session duration. 




Avg Session Duration


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