The Story

A Canadian outerwear brand that combines luxury and performance

Nobis entered the luxury outerwear market in 2007, making an immediate impact. Founded by the former vice president of Canada Goose, it set out on a separate path to its iconic Canadian rival. Nobis creates outerwear that is versatile in both style and function. Style that looks at home on a mountain top or city streets. Functionality that can effortlessly move from snow or rain to sun, and from freezing to moderate temperatures. As proof of this versatility, Nobis is available in 40 countries.

  • servicesPhotography, Social Media Strategy
  • year2018

The Challenge

Showcase Nobis as the embodiment of seamless form and function

High fashion and rugged performance are typically opposites when it comes to design, as well as branding. This duality is the core of the Nobis brand and was what we needed to communicate without using words, just images. We had to let viewers know that fashion and performance are natural partners for Nobis, letting their outerwear excel in any environment.

The Solution

Skip outwear clichés for authentic examples

We wanted to show the duality of Nobis wear while also staying true to their authenticity. The solution was to stage the photo shoots in urban and rural locations the viewer could picture themselves.


Like a SUV scaling a mountain in an ad that’ll only be driven in the city, we moved away from the cliché of showing jackets in some snowy outback location. Our photo shoot told the brand story of how their outerwear seamlessly performs while looking stylish throughout the urban environment.

Social Media

When we posted content to Instagram, accompanying captions were succinct, letting the images speak for themselves. We also leveraged user-generated content, reposting Instagram photos from the Nobis community that shared the brand ethos, which often included influencers.


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