The Story

2019 Theme: Human Connection

The real estate industry thrives on human connection. Real estate agents spend their days meeting with clients, learning their stories, and helping them find their dream homes through in-depth communication. Oakwyn exists because of their people, so it was important for them to focus their year on building connections internally and externally. After launching their theme of the year in January of 2019, Oakwyn celebrated Human Connection across the company, by creating content on their social platforms and integrating the theme into their corporate culture.

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The Challenge

Tying Human Connection into Oakwyn´s Company Culture

Oakwyn’s core values inherently celebrate the idea of human connection. They believe in putting people first, creating communities, and leading by example. But they wanted to take these values a step further and remind their agents that their business relied on real, compassionate, and ongoing human connection. To do this, we would need to create a diverse and inclusive social campaign that reached not only Oakwyn’s agents and audience, but also new recruits and clients.

The Solution

Heartfelt creative media, relatable content, and sincere messaging drove social shares skyward

Oakwyn’s Human Connection theme speaks to a wide audience– everyone can relate to wanting to to connect more. By capturing real-life moments and speaking about relatable topics, we elevated the Oakwyn brand like we’ve never done before. Our approach included creative photos and videos of beautiful Vancouver, captured moments of learning and education at the various Oakwyn offices, coverage of exciting office and culture events, and humbly celebrating Oakwyn’s business wins. Through this campaign, we optimized Oakwyn’s social media and promoted a healthy corporate culture that has helped to increase the company’s roster by almost double.


Human Connection Video

The idea behind this video was to highlight Oakwyn’s annual theme: Human Connection. In a world that is overrun with technology and social media, this theme and video exist to remind us all to put connection first. Whether that be with clients, co-workers, industry colleagues, family, or friends — it only takes one second to connect.

Oakwyn Roundtable

This video series spotlights Oakwyn’s industry leaders in a panel-like setup, discussing real estate-themed topics such as the real estate market in Vancouver, processes in pre-sales, and the history of Oakwyn and their partners.

Tales of connection video series

This video series spotlights Oakwyn agents and narrates their past experiences as they built their careers. They explain how Human Connection has led them to where they are now and what role it has played in their lives. This series had a total of 4 episodes that featured agents: Chris Frederickson, Ashley Smith, Ross Woo and Bernadette Dunnigan.

Blog Writing

Blog writing is a large part of Oakwyn’s content strategy and the social strategy relies heavily on the content in the blogs. Some of 2019’s blogs included Oakwyn’s Pride celebrations, industry updates from Oakwyn’s own Ashley Smith (who is also the president of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver), a spotlight on company growth with the opening of the Coquitlam Encore office, and an look into our sub-theme of Deep Roots.
We shared the blogs on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as on Instagram Stories where we have the largest group of followers. We used screen recordings and a scroll-through video of the blog with a swipe-up link to increase views and SEO.

Social media photography

2019 was a pivotal year in terms of branding and tonality for Oakwyn. Our photography and social teams captured beautiful photography of Vancouver, in-office lifestyle shots, and special corporate events with a focus on candids and behind-the-scenes moments. And we can’t forget the always exciting Oakwyn
swag launch!
A glance at their Instagram page shows a cool, young, and lifestyle focused company that is always out there hustling. Oakwyn has always strived to be the cool kids on the block and by focusing their creative content on their agents and their city, we were able to deliver that goal.

The Results

  • 102.94% increase in Facebook Link Clicks
  • 8.44% increase in Facebook Organic Page Impressions
  • 448.29% increase in Instagram Impressions
  • 473.05% increase in Instagram Reach
  • 276.67% increase in Instagram Engagements
  • 43.64% increase in Instagram Followers
  • 920.59% increase in Website Clicks on Instagram
  • 147.3% increase in Profile Views on Instagram


Increase in website clicks on Instagram


Increase in Instagram Impressions


Increase in Instagram Reach