The Story

A new brokerage with a fresh perspective and big goals

When we connected with Oakwyn, they were a young real estate brokerage, looking to disrupt the intensely competitive Vancouver real estate market. Their focus was on collaboration and putting people first, both with clients and staff. Through building meaningful connections within their team and with clients over a sales and profits mindset, they aimed for long term success.

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  • year2018

The Challenge

Attract new clients and staff, while also connecting them

When it comes to social media and video content, the majority of large and high-end real estate brokerages in Vancouver only produce basic property listing videos which cover nothing more than stats. Oakwyn wanted to go against the grain of real estate, rejecting the numbers game and shining on the human values behind owning a home. They wanted to share their forward-thinking ideals to both prospective clients and staff. They wanted their brand and message to stand out on social media against all their larger, established competition.

The Solution

A lifestyle-focused solution for both clients and staff

We took Oakwyn’s idea of selling homes instead of houses and started showcasing the human side of their real estate agency. We made campaigns based around the agent-client relationships, on lifestyle, and on the agents themselves. Our personal approach to media for this real estate company humanized a company in a market traditionally associated with stats and dollar signs.


Photo and Video Content

When creating photo and video content, we focused on the lifestyle aspects over numbers. The agent-client relationship is an important but often overlooked part of the major life milestone of buying property. Agent videos would share what they will do for clients, also naturally sharing who they are. They help clients get to know an agent before meeting them. The client can see if the agent fits their lifestyle.

We also shot agent videos which doubled as neighbourhood tours, showcasing the lifestyle offered if a client bought property there. These video tours also offered a look at the agent’s personality and that they truly know more to the property than what meets the eye. This communicates that what they’re selling is a future home, not just an investment product.

Campaign Strategy

We developed an internal campaign to attract new agents and content marketing packages to grow their personal brand. We presented new and potential agents with office life, company events, agent lifestyle videos, property listing videos, and more, letting them know what working for Oakwyn was like, as well as the type of content we can create for them.

We offered agent content packages scaled to their needs, including photography and video production, buy-in programs and preferred pricing.


We wrote an emotional and personal voice-over script for Oakwyn’s Thank Youcampaign. The video thanks their employees, their clients, and their competitors. The short lines and repetitive nature of the script grabbed attention, while powerful word choice pulled the viewer in.

Social Media Strategy

For Oakwyn, we developed four marketing pillars to communicate different parts of the company. We also refined the language on each of the platforms depending on the target audience for that particular platform, e.g. we engaged with people on LinkedIn differently than we did on Oakwyn’s Instagram Story.

We also engaged with brands outside of the real estate industry, aligning Oakwyn’s ideals with those that matched the company’s mission. During the Covenant House campaign, we shot live videos of the Oakwyn agents engaging in a ‘sleepout’ which raised funds for the homeless populace. Oakwyn, an agency that helps people find homes, was then also helping people who have no homes, supporting Vancouver’s community.


Paid Advertisement Strategy

The imagery and creative used for Oakwyn’s paid ad campaigns followed the same humanizing approach: there was little to no real estate specific advertisements. We used them to promote Oakwyn as a lifestyle company instead of a real estate agency

Live Event Coverage

Oakwyn has a network of 300 agents and they do company-wide monthly meetings. In order to reach all of the remote agents, we document the monthly meetings for them, edit a video, and upload it to Oakwyn’s extranet.

We also cover live events like Lunch and Learns so prospective agents and clients can see behind the scenes of Oakwyn. It covers company culture and showcases aspects of Oakwyn that aren’t readily available to the public eye. Doing this promotes Oakwyn as a brokerage, to potential agents and clients alike.

The Results

  • Started with 30, staff now over 300, over a 3-year period
  • Over 520,000 FB video views, over a 3-year period