The Story

Riot Games is the most player-focused game developer and publisher in the world. We worked together to direct and create a cohesive brand experience and campaign for Riot Games’ Season 2020.

The Challenge

Mystique, awe, and (plenty of) hype

Our challenge was balancing out all three for the perfect storm waiting to be unleashed.

The Solution

Forging a visual identity to last a season

We helped Riot Games develop the visual identity for the Season Start campaign for players across the globe. Both teams collaborated to develop a set of branded assets that were used to promote the campaign across all channels


Working hand-in-hand with the Riot team

We created five unique champion key art pieces, the overall brand language, and the visual design system that brought the work to life. Season 2020 provided the opportunity to pursue a new hub design. We created a system that allowed for animated content to shine while staying on a strict release schedule.

The Results

Branded key art, a motion graphics package, a digital experience for the client hub, and a corresponding microsite- setting the tone for seasons to come.