The Story

Defining liveable communities for B.C. renters

Rize Alliance Properties is a real estate developing company, focused on defining what a liveable community means to individuals. Rize Alliance Properties reached out to AntiSocial to create an interactive and fully responsive survey to find out what their audience’s likes, needs, and priorities were to deliver better rental housing in Vancouver, B.C.

The Challenge

A standout survey in a crowded market

As the real estate market is constantly changing, along with their marketing phases, Rize Alliance Properties asked for a fully customizable and interactive build. Together, our primary objective was to create a fully customizable survey based on the client’s needs and strategy, which was to remain responsive and flexible to their users’ needs.

The Solution

An interactive and fully responsive survey primed for mobile

In order to maximize uptake, we were required to give priority to mobile instead of desktop as over 50% of users were coming from social networks. AntiSocial developed the site in such a way that the client was able to change illustrations and questions whenever they needed. The results pop-up was programmed to pull the questions, answers, and percentages live to further boost the responsiveness of the intuitive survey. 


Uniquely designed user experience for comprehensive results

We worked with a Vancouver-based artist who provided us with the hand-drawn illustrations to incorporate into the design of the interactive survey and the results page to give the site a unique, standout look. 

The site was created to be fully responsive. Once the user has answered the question, the illustration changes from a simple outlined version to a colour version. This gives visual feedback and cues making each user journey unique. AntiSocial worked with the client to create UX freedom so the users need only answer the topics that interest them. This freedom allowed the client to know their audience’s priorities and interests as well.

The Results

An interactive and fully responsive survey helping our client shine a light on the rental market in Vancouver, and restructure living experiences for renters.