The Story

Being Part of B.C. Families

We’re always proud to work with B.C. companies and we’re especially proud of our collaboration with Save-On Foods and Western Family. Together with their marketing team, we created the “Quality Ingredients, Quality Moments” digital campaign for their Western Family brand. Covering B.C. and Alberta, it ran from the start of summer, through the winter holidays and ended naturally on Family Day. This resulted in winning the Marketing Excellence Award for Content Marketing at the 2017 BCAMA Marketer of the Year Awards.

  • servicesSocial Media Strategy, Animation, Photo
  • year2017

The Challenge

Connecting quality ingredients to quality moments

Together our primary objective was to increase overall brand perception, creating an emotional connection with consumers and increasing the quality perception of Western Family products. This was centred around the “Quality Ingredients, Quality Moments” concept with the hashtag #QualityMoments.

The Solution

Sharing fond memories and creating new ones

Building on Save-On-Foods and Western Family’s reputation and history in Western Canada, we focused on social sharing and user-generated content, leveraged by giveaways and contests. By followers sharing their #QualityMoments, it became a way to share happy memories, reminding people to cherish their own happy memories. It also showed how Western Family’s quality products fit into these quality moments.

A romantic picnic, friends over for a BBQ, a family dinner: The authentic connection between quality moments and quality ingredients was a natural driver of social engagement and user-generated content. This was boosted by multiple social media giveaways and contests, in-store events, and a touring food truck.


Social Media Strategy

On social media, we improved Save On and Western Family’s channels with authentic posts people could relate to. Our strategy included post frequency across social platforms as well as ideal dates and times to post. We kept posts consistent and utilized user-generated content and giveaways resulting in a high engagement.

Animation and Photo

Our media team captured photo and created motion and still graphics that were used as supporting, original content throughout the campaign. The photo and graphics are wholesome and family friendly. They feature clean graphics and warm photographs perceived as quality moments.

The Results

Through Save-On-Foods and our combined effort through social media, promotions, in-store activations and their touring food truck, we reached close to 2 million people in Western Canada.

  • Total reach of over 1.7 million people
  • Total engagement of over 5,700 people
  • Superhero Contest: Reach of 97,000+ and engagement of 420+
  • Holiday Contest: Reach of 216,000+ and engagement of 3,920+
  • Family Day Contest: Reach of 177,800+ and engagement of 3,000+
  • Food Truck: Reach of 1,000,000+
  • 2017 BCAMA Marketing Excellence Award for Content Marketing


People Reached


Total Engagements


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