The Story

Triple O’s is a quick-service burger restaurant providing top quality food to B.C., Alberta, and a few locations in Asia. Initially created by White Spot, Triple O’s offers classic diner-style burgers and shakes.

  • servicesSocial Media Strategy, Campaign Management, Photo and Video, Graphic Design
  • year2017

The Challenge

The challenge with Triple O’s was bringing a playful and youthful presence to the brand.

We needed to make them to stand out from other quick-service restaurants so we brought quality photo, video, and graphic design to mirror their top-quality food.

triple Os breakfast-burger

The Solution

We steered our creative to a younger demographic by incorporating humour and playfulness into the Triple O’s brand. By reworking the clients vision into something tangible, we gave their social media platforms a new, more youthful vision. We also rewarded new and old followers through contests.


Social Media Strategy

We used themes and trending content to target younger demographics. We also utilized original content to engage followers. Running contests increased engagement, especially the Instagram Loop Contest performed in tandem with White Spot. We leveraged White Spot’s brand following for Triple O’s. Having a similar target audience, we posted a contest on White Spot’s social media which encouraged users to follow Triple O’s, resulting in a large spike in engagement for both brands.

Photo and Video

By incorporating lifestyle content, we humanized the Triple O’s brand. Showing models who were within the target demographic made the brand relatable to the audience. We also created aesthetically-focused photoshoots, making captivating original content for the brand. The accounts online presence became streamlined, cohesive, and attractive.

Graphic Design

Our focus with the graphic design strategy was to associate Triple O’s with playfulness. Our designers created posts for our social media team that utilized colour blocking and fun themes.

The Results

Beginning in May 2017, Triple O’s had 11,200 page likes and 10,866 followers on Facebook. As of November 2018 they have 15,080 page likes and 14,830 followers on Facebook.

From May 2017 to Nov 2018, Triple O’s Facebook video views have risen 2156%. From May 2017 to Nov 2018, they have had 307.6k minutes of video viewed on Facebook.

From May 2017, we grew Triple O’s Instagram following from 817 to 4,009 as of Nov 2018, a 390% increase.


Increase in Instagram Followers


in Video Views


Increase in Facebook Followers