The Story

Beyond Meat Product Launch

White Spot and Triple O’s are staple restaurants in BC. They are best known for their delicious burgers, fries, and shakes served with a come-as-you-are attitude. Their first restaurant opened in 1928, giving them very deep roots in the industry. This brand stands out among its competitors because they go to great lengths to make their guests feel welcomed, comfortable, and understood. Their goal is to make everyone feel that they are included in a larger community through their “spot for everyone” mentality. #TheSpotForEveryone

The Challenge

Introducing plant-based options to a classic menu

White Spot and Triple O’s were looking to promote and raise awareness for their new menu, which featured Beyond Meat products. Since Triple O’s was not the first to market Beyond Meat in quick-service, they wanted a strategy that would stand out from their competitors. White Spot, however, was the first full-service chain to offer Beyond Meat in-restaurant. Both brands wanted to respect their long-term, regular customers and avoid making anyone feel like drastic changes were being made. Further, the majority of their burgers were meat forward and they didn’t want to detract from those popular items, or lose appeal. They faced another challenge with the education of the product because it has been largely thought of as appealing only to vegetarians, when in fact Beyond Meat can be enjoyed by all types of consumers. Overall, the barrier was introducing a new menu item to the modern consumer, while simultaneously creating appeal in their loyal customers.

The Solution

Interactive content. Ingredient-focused photography. Targeted messaging builds hype.

By capturing dynamic and vibrant photo/video content that was familiar, yet fresh, we were able to elevate our output for both brands. Our approach was to use a combination of social media contests to leverage awareness of the new menu items, as well as promote the content through segmented Facebook growth campaigns. This enabled us to target new demographics with relevant interests.


Menu & Lifestyle Photography

For White Spot, we showcased the items in a plentiful manner, showing the diverse new menu in an enriched format. We used movement while staging the photos so that the images looked lively and engaging. While we wanted the content to stand out, it also needed to be cohesive with their existing photography assets. We also captured photos for their #BeyondLegendary media event for influencers. These photos added a complementary lifestyle element to the social channels, featuring real people enjoying the product for the first time. For Triple O’s, we captured the menu items up close, on different coloured backdrops and from a variety of angles. The output was diverse, lively, and most of all very appetizing– which showcased their Beyond Meat burgers perfectly.

Influencer Marketing

We incorporated millennial influencers into our Triple O’s Beyond Meat strategy in order to expand our reach among that demographic. The influencers were required to post feed and story content featuring the products in store. Their UGC was authentic and relatable, giving the audience a glimpse into the in-store customer experience. They were also required to run contests on their feeds to leverage their networks, further expanding our reach. The winners of these contests won a Triple O’s gift card – further increasing foot traffic in the restaurants.

Targeted Growth Campaigns

A large part of this activation relied on convincing existing customers to try something different. Many loyal consumers were not familiar with the product at all. We created awareness campaigns to reach new audiences with specific interests i.e. vegetarians, flexitarians and plant-based foods. We also ran social media contests that featured the product but also encouraged people to tag friends who they think are #BeyondLegendary. This improved reach and engagement by promoting the product and associating it with something already familiar and easy to answer.

Social Media Video

We created a fast-paced video to announce the launch of Triple O’s new Mushroom Avocado Beyond Burger. It was engaging, exciting and food-forward. We showed each ingredient separately, shot on a slow motion camera to capture every detail vividly. We also captured footage on a separate camera to provide a variety of angles. The video was paired with a contest to further increase reach and engagement. The contest leveraged the Beyond Meat branded hashtag #GoBeyond – encouraging guests to branch out and try new things – because every small decision makes a difference. The video’s goal was to intrigue the audience, and to make plant-based burgers sexy, appealing and familiar.

The Results

• 21% increase in Facebook growth
• 20% increase in Facebook Page engaged users
• 98% increase in Organic Page post impressions
• 11% increase in Instagram Followers

• 27% increase in Facebook growth
• 52% increase in Page Engaged Users
• 253% increase in page impressions
• 18% increase in Instagram Followers
• 25,636 Instagram impressions from Influencer campaign


Organic Post Impressions


Increase Page Impressions


Increase Instagram Followers