Purpose of the Video

Showcase the Vancouver Pride Parade and the Visiting Prime Minister of Canada taking part in the festivities.

Video Description

On Sunday afternoon, hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets of downtown and took part in the annual Vancouver Pride Parade.

The Pride Parade’s popularity has increased tremendously over the past several years, and support from government has also grown – so much so that this year, history was made as Justin Trudeau became the first sitting Prime Minister to march in the parade.


The entire Trudeau family was out in full force for the entire duration of the parade, 20 blocks around the West End neighbourhood.

“It’s a time where the whole city and families and communities come out. We celebrate the great diversity that is such a strength of our country. We celebrate community, we celebrate family, and all these things together means that we’re going to have a great Pride, and it’s a pleasure for me to be here,” Trudeau said before the parade started.