The Story

More than just burgers, fries, and shakes

White Spot has a nostalgic place in the collective hearts of anyone who grew up in B.C. Our province’s original restaurant chain was founded in 1928, growing along with generations of Canadians while always remaining true to their roots. From great-grandparents to great-grandchildren, to families who moved to start a life here, to get-togethers with friends, White Spot holds fond memories old and new for so many people. This transcends what the restaurant chain means to people beyond the classic burgers, fries, and shakes to a part of their personal history. With our team being in this collective boat (or Pirate Pak), we couldn’t be more honoured to work with them.

  • servicesVideo and Photography, Animation and Graphics, Social Media Strategy and Campaign Management
  • year2016

The Challenge

Inviting a large, diverse audience to the party

To celebrate White Spot’s 90th birthday, we had the advantage of their brand’s strong reputation and local history. The challenge was to share their story in a way to captivate a large, diverse audience, both old and young. We wanted to remind regulars of White Spot’s history, encourage people who haven’t been in a while to visit again, and still appeal to anyone not familiar with the name.

white spot marketing campaign

The Solution

Celebrating White Spot and their customer’s memories

To reach this wide audience, we proposed integrating social media-optimized video, original graphics, animations and photography, giveaways and user-generated content. We focused on Facebook and Instagram, as people sharing their White Spot memories was key to driving user-engagement and user-generated content. Sponsored posts were also used on Facebook and Instagram.


Video Animation

White Spot provided retro illustrations of company milestones, which our graphic designer turned into a 90-second animated birthday video.

Customer Appreciation Video

Additional video content that we created included filming a gentleman celebrating his joint 90th birthday with White Spot.

90th Anniversary Party

We were on site to photograph moments such as the official 90th-anniversary party. Followers were happy to congratulate White Spot, a testament to how the brand means more than just good food to British Columbians.

WhiteSpot 90th Anniversary Party

Original Graphics

We created original graphics to match user-generated content.

Social Media Strategy and Campaign Management

To extend the animated video’s through Instagram it was cut into separate milestones for separate posts, supported by asking followers to tag a friend to win a gift card.

Original and user-generated content was supported by provided images of classic dishes brought back for a limited time. These attracted comments from long-time fans.

User-Generated Content/Giveaways

The animated video’s Facebook post encouraged user-generated content by asking followers to share their White Spot story for a chance to win one of ten $90 gift cards. The winning stories were turned into content on Facebook and Instagram, letting people enjoy the fond memories associated with White Spot, naturally leading to more stories being shared beyond offering a prize.

The Results

Antisocial was instrumental in bringing White Spot’s 90th Anniversary promotion to life in the social space. Working with our marketing team and other agency partners, they developed relevant, engaging, and on brand social content to deepen the relationships with our followers across our multiple platforms.

From custom animations, videos, to contesting and interesting stories we had a comprehensive social campaign to complement our media buys and in-restaurant activities.

– Kristy Eirikson, Manager, Marketing, White Spot Ltd.

  • A birthday celebration campaign over a two-month period
  • The animated birthday video reached 30k people in 24 hours, peaking at 36k.
  • The memories people shared on their own or for a chance to win a gift card that were turned into social posts received 5x more engagement on average compared to previous Instagram posts.
  • Facebook follower count increased by 4.5%
  • Instagram Engagement increased by 69%
  • Graphics were made to illustrate each user-submitted story, bringing that moment to life while maintaining the vintage aesthetic of the birthday video.


Increase in Instagram Engagement


People Reached in 24 hours


More Engagement from User-generated Content