The Story

Wrangler On My Booty

When Lil Nas X’s track “Old Town Road” dropped, it smashed records and has been streamed over 140 million times. With the lyrics “I got Wrangler on my booty” punctuating the track, Wrangler capitalized on the influential mention by partnering with the rapper to launch a Wrangler + Lil Nas X denim collab.

The Challenge

Partner up and ride off into the sunset.

We were tasked with forming an epic partnership with Lil Nas X and this record-breaking, genre-bending, chart-topping song to create a match made in heaven.

The Solution

Microsite enabling BTS exclusives

We teamed up with Wrangler and Mother New York to showcase this partnership by developing and designing a microsite experience that used machine learning to recognize your “Wrangler booty”. Using your mobile device’s camera, the microsite was able to scan and detect the logo on a pair of Wrangler jeans unlocking exclusive behind the scenes content from the recent music video with Lil Nas x and Billy Ray Cyrus.


Machine learning to recognize your “Wrangler booty”

We built a web app with a camera feed that would detect whether the picture contained a shot of someone’s Wrangler jeans, their “Wrangler booty”.  Google Cloud’s Vision services helped us solve the problem of having the computer recognize the Wrangler logo and not other brands.

The Results

The booty scanning microsite successfully generated media buzz and amplified the launch of the collaborative clothing line which drew large amounts of traffic to Wrangler resulting in a significant ROI for the denim brand.




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