Video Production

Vancouver Video Production

Producing a great video takes a different approach from creating a clever blog post. The first step of the video production process involves research, storyboarding, scripting, and collaboration. Without clear direction, producing regular video content can become an uphill grind.

As a creative content marketing agency, AntiSocial Solutions maintains an in-house team to streamline the process for businesses. We create a wide range of videos each month for clients looking for a video based digital marketing strategy.

Paired with our Advertising Placement Strategies and YouTube Pre-Rolls, short videos become the best way to tell your story. Video content generates on average 3 times as many monthly visitors as other content and the amount of time online users spent watching video has grown 38.5% in the past 2 years

Looking for an affordable video solution? Find out more about our AntiSocial REEL program.