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Chambar Daily Catch

Purpose of the Video

One of Chambar's core missions is to support and source local when they can. As Vancouver's second Carbon Neutral Restaurant, Chambar rightfully chooses to promote these initiatives through their marketing efforts, and video is no exclusion.They also double as one of Vancouver's most trafficked weekend spots,

Video Description

A lot of restaurants play on sourcing locally. Heck, for the Vancouver millennial, this is the sorta thing that resonates. For good reasons, the next echelon of Vancouverites will support the local ethic, especially when it’s churned into the palatable good stuff’ our cities known for.

Few restaurants in our coastal city will travel the lengths that Chambar will to ensure the locality, and freshness of it’s products. In this video, you’ll see the fun coalesce with the product. Chambar’s catch of the day buoyantly captured through the AntiSocial lens.

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