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Posted by Bar None Nightclub on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Weekends at Bar None

Purpose of the Video

This video was intended showcase all of the unique components that have made Bar None's summer re-opening a massive success for the Donelly group. Very few premium nightclubs have been able to sustain as reputable a brand as Bar None, reposition, and continue to provide a first-class clubbing experience that resonates with patrons. This video can be sliced for any social platform and accurately portray a typical Friday/Saturday night all while staying on brand.

Video Description

Bar None reopened its doors to the nightlife of Yale Town in the 2015 summer. The Donnely group’s flagship nightclub completely overhauled their interior decor, which has translated into an uncommon premium clubbing experience with a compelling list of hospitalities.

Go-go dancers, fresh sushi, and Vancouver’s best DJ’s, all in a large and comfortable space – dance, drink, or sit and enjoy the west coasts finest nigiri all within Bar None’s chic brick walls.

As part of their summer roll out, we’ve been capturing all of these unique elements. Bar None’s repositioning has been everything Donelly hoped it would be, making the videography in this case easy to curate and publish.

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