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SuperDate: What’s your SuperDate?


Purpose of the Video

Our goal is to build an audience for the upcoming online dating program - SuperDate. Using our our existing dating audience, we created a series of videos that engaged, and encouraged, people to comment with their own stories. Real people, a real audience.

Video Description

“The idea for SuperDate came from a simple yet life-changing epiphany: dating doesn’t have to be this way”. Starting with this simple concept, we set out to create a set of short videos targeted for Social Media that encouraged our online community to Post, Share, Like, and most importantly, Comment.

AntiSocial went to streets and talked to individuals about their dating ups and downs. The stories we heard from people were so shocking, it was borderline hilarious. Everyone has been to the other side and knows what it’s like to date. We wanted to bring up touchy and maybe even embarrassing subjects that really pulled users in when they saw the topics. So we started with a simple question – “Have you had sex on the first date?”.

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