Video Video Production

The Pawn Shop Celebrates Their Birthday!


Purpose of the Video

This Birthday theme video promotes and incentivizes large parties to bring their celebrations to The Pawn Shop as the restaurant offers to take care of the first $50 off the birthday guy/girl's tab.

Video Description

The Pawn Shop is your local taco tequila bar on Vancouver’s infamous Granville Street. It’s a non-exclusive, come as you are, food and drink forward environment that welcomes everyone from all walks of life. Come get wasted with your buddies or have a casual lunch with a friend; it’s a space that can transform into whatever the guest needs it to be for their personal experience.

The Pawn Shop represents what Granville Street has become to the City of Vancouver: resistant to enforced change or being what others “expect” us to be. The Pawn Shop’s voice is unapologetic and always evolving. Our inspiration comes from East L.A., we’re proud of who we are and what we’re doing and could care less what others think!

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