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Tinkerine: A 3D Vancity Buzz Christmas


Purpose of the Video

Part of curating an engaging community is creating fun content. By showing some of the "coolest" aspects of a 3D printing company like Tinkerine, we reinforce their decision to Follow them in the first place. This video that taps into every persons inner geek.

Video Description

“Based in Vancouver, BC, Tinkerine is Canada’s leading 3D printer manufacturer that specializes in 3D printing solutions.” As a special gift for last years Christmas 2014, Tinkerine decided to craft a present for their neighbor – Vancity Buzz. Using a printer of their own design, the DittoPro, Tinkerine “printed” a 3D version of their logo logo right before our eyes.

In a short time, the DittoPro replicated the Vancity Buzz logo into durable 3D print version. Watching the 3D printer go systematically build each layer of the logo was amazing. We weren’t surprised when they told us the DittoPro was a popular home model for us tech geeks.

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