Our media team produces incredible videos year round, but some projects are more emotional than others.

Sometimes, we’re afforded an opportunity to shoot something that challenges us in more ways than one.

The Kennebec project for White Spot was a part of the BC’s Own campaign which dove into White Spot’s longstanding history with our province. Through this campaign, they reflected on their commitment to communities, farmers, and locally sourced food. The Kennebec video was a cinematic piece of this story, showcasing Felix Farms in Delta, BC.

For Oakwyn Realty, we created the Thank You campaign. The campaign’s intention was to recognize and thank those who have been a part of Oakwyn’s success. The writing department and the media department worked in tandem to ensure cohesion between the voice-over script and the imagery, all done in house.

The harmony we achieved between storytelling, aesthetic value, and high level of production quality made these two projects a massive success. They were challenging because they required our team to commit their efforts to multiple shoot days, 4 AM wake up calls, plenty of interviews, and short turnaround schedules. Rising to the occasion, the media team produced some of their best work of the year with these two projects. – Santiago de Hoyos, Head of Media Production

The Fairmont Hotel embodies both a love for adventure and the elegance of a luxury hotel. The content we produce for them has to match these values and balance the duality between the two concepts.

Food photography for a restaurant can be difficult. You’re balancing the line between product photography and capturing the essence of a business while making sure your models (in this case, pizza) keep looking fresh. And the content that we produce for The Parlour, a pizzeria in Vancouver’s Yaletown, always does just that.

These photo shoots were some of our best work of the year because they required meticulous planning, location scouting, and lighting scenarios by our photography team. From an aesthetic standpoint, our team achieved magazine-quality results with their work; these two photo shoots are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the work they produced all year. – Santiago de Hoyos