Want more engagement on your Instagram Stories? How about driving traffic back to your site, increasing conversion rates? Here are 4 tried and tested methods to use Instagram Story polls for your business.

Use polls for free, immediate feedback from your audience.

Ask your followers what they want! It’s free, real-time feedback from your audience. These insights can help you curate your feed and ultimately sell more product or create more conversions.

Afterwards, show your followers you listened. Your audience, like all audiences, will appreciate knowing that their voices were heard.

Direct traffic back to your website.

Adding links to your Instagram Story will, of course, drive traffic back to your website. But, you can further drive traffic by using polls to peak interest in the link back to your site. Ask your audience a question using a poll where they can only find the answer on your site, get them to vote, then direct them to the ‘see more’ option. Below, people will have to ‘Swipe Up’ to get to an interview with Alaina Hase on a food photoshoot at Vancouver’s Parlour.

Instagram polls can be an educational tool for your brand.

If you’re launching a new product or service, or simply want to show your audience everything that you can do for them, use Instagram polls to grab attention.

Use a sliding emoji scale.

The emoji sliding scale can give your audience more options when you ask them a question. Plus, you can customize your slider to fit your brand – are you more of a Heart-Eyes-Smiley-Face or Fire emoji? You can also swivel the slider to better fit your media, we’ve made ours vertical to suit the photo we chose.

Polls, stickers, sliders, geotags, questions, countdowns. Use them all. Your followers will notice.

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