Talk Nerdy to Me is back once again! Our October session plans to set your experiential expectations on fire with a webinar dedicated to exploring a new perspective on Experiential Marketing.

Thinkingbox managing directors Christine Clark and Rania Hattar join senior creative technologist Hugh Elliot, and interactive developer Patrick Daggitt in hosting this webinar, jam-packed with experiential expertise.

If the last webinar is anything to go by, it’s sure to be an experience.

Experiential Marketing 101

Experiential Marketing, sometimes known as ”on the ground marketing” or “engagement marketing” is a way for brands to connect to their audience in the wild, offering tangible real life experiences audiences can see, verify, and (pre-COVID) touch.

Experiential marketing creates a lasting connection between customers and brands by allowing audiences memorable experiences in the real world via clever technology. Our Thinkingbox family has been working in Experiential for over 5 years, and has implemented an endless list of exciting and innovative experiential tech for clients, notably utilizing in projects for Pinterest, Netflix, and Barbie (as well as countless others).

What’s Next for Experiential

The future of Experiential Marketing certainly looks different as we move into a world with social distancing, limited capacity, and without touch. Join Hattar, Clark, Elliot, and Daggitt as they ask how can we keep experiential and integrated marketing alive post-COVID? From passive experiences, asynchronous collaboration, projection, and touchless screens, the fearsome foursome has insight and predictions on what is set to be an interesting future for Experiential because (spoiler) it’s definitely not going anywhere.

There are many tools and techniques available to offer experiential experiences without touch, and our experts are on hand to walk through the most effective techniques that Thinkingbox is beginning to implement in its projects.

See You Soon!

Make sure to join us Thursday 29th October, to learn about the next frontier for Experiential Marketing. Book your spot, and get ready to connect to your audience through tech-led tangible experiences.

We look forward to seeing you there!