Agency Life takes the daily struggles of working in a digital advertising agency and spins them into satire.

Created by former AntiSocial employee Alina Anghel, Agency Life cleverly pokes fun at all of us working in digital advertising.

The new mini-series Agency Life takes a playful approach on something everyone who works in a creative agency can relate with: client wants.

The first episode deals with real estate mogul Charles’ expectations for his advertising campaign. The narcissistic client wants the campaign to focus on him, not the houses he is selling. Obviously. Girlboss Amy attempts to guide him in a creative direction that makes sense for the target demographic but eventually secedes to his wants. The client is always right, right?

Filmed on location at AntiSocial’s office space, we’re grateful we were able to support the dream of a local creative. And, as a creative digital agency, we’re always on board with self-deprecating humour.

We reached out to Anghel after the first episode launched. She describes the support she had and the rollercoaster of launching a mini-series that you write, produce, and act in.

“After we release the episodes online, we will be submitting Agency Life to festivals and hoping it has a good run on the festival circuit, too!

I’d like to mention the director, Devon Mussett, who has put a lot of work into it. It takes an entire, dedicated team to pull off something like this. A big thank you to AntiSocial for lending us their office for a location, to Kelsie Butterworth for her design skills, and Ekke Kanda for his music. Also, it’s awesome that Antisocial has the humour to laugh at themselves as an agency.” – Alina Anghel

Check out the cast and crew on their IMDb page here. New episodes for the six-part series are posted every Thursday on YouTube and Facebook, make sure you give them a follow.