Branding With Comedy

AntiSocial’s Michael Panes knows branding. As a Content Strategist, his role is centred around curating captivating content plans that match a brand’s voice, goals, and target market.

In 2020, Michael says comedic marketing is on the rise. Memes are more popular than ever before and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. But is comedic marketing right for every brand? We sat down with Michael to see what he thinks about upcoming social trends, dank memes, and using comedy for branding.

AntiSocial Solutions Content Strategist Michael Panes with video editor Thomas posing in front of red cutains meme
AntiSocial Solutions Content Strategist Michael Panes as baby yoda meme

The Making of a Meme Lord

Michael got into content strategy during his time studying journalism at BCIT. He originally planned to become a sports broadcaster, but during his studies he found he had a knack for running social media campaigns. What followed was the start of a long-term love story between Michael and the internet.

These days, Michael uses his skills to help AntiSocial clients create engaging, thoughtful branding through his in-depth content strategies.

What Makes Good Comedic Content

Ultimately, relatable content is key. People love to connect and be part of communities– that’s true online and offline. The best viral content takes an individual experience and connects it to a larger group. Everyone wants to be seen and understood. Think of the dog in the burning kitchen meme. No matter where you live, what field you work in, or what your cultural background is, you can relate to that feeling of doing your best even when things are falling apart.

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Doing It Right

Michael says that a lot of consumers view comedic brands as funny, cool, parent-type figures. Seeing a common household brand like Wendys play Pokemon live on Twitch is great because it’s surprising. We all crave the unexpected, especially in a digital world that is constantly saturated with content. 

That being said, comedic content won’t work for every brand. There is still a niche for authentic and serious content. For example, you wouldn’t want UNICEF sharing memes about starving children. And even though we would all love to see Queen Elizabeth do an ice bucket challenge, it just ain’t gonna happen. Content strategy is an important part of developing brand voice, tone, and trust. Know your audience and know your product.

Taking the Leap

Is your brand ready to LOL? You may be scared to leap from curated professional posts to posts that may not look as aesthetically pleasing. But if you’re ready to jump onto the popular content train it’s best to test it out on a small scale first.

Michael suggests using your Instagram story at the start and sharing one funny post every couple of weeks. See how your audience reacts and then strategize from there.

Be sure that whatever you’re posting is high-quality comedy content. The internet is unforgiving and you don’t want to end up becoming a meme yourself.

AntiSocial Solutions Content Strategist Michael Panes as kid in front of burning house meme
AntiSocial Solutions Content Strategist Michael Panes pulls on sculpture at Disney Land

How to Stay On Top of Trends for Content Strategy

Start with a plan. The best brands are researched, curated, and professionally managed. Gone are the days of giving your intern an extra twenty bucks a week to manage your social channels. Successful branding in 2020 is handled by qualified professionals, like Michael.

If you don’t have Michael, here’s a couple tips from the meme-lord’s mouth:

  • Stay up-to-date on social channels. A true professional knows their craft and constantly practices it. Want to be funnier? Go straight to the source! Browse your social channels and see what’s trending, what’s working, and who’s doing it right.
  • Reddit. Michael uses reddit when he wants to know what’s going on in specific cities or regions. When directing your marketing abroad, make sure you know what’s funny and where. Visiting a city’s reddit page is a great way to see what people in that area are talking about.
  • Let us help. We have Michael… and sometimes we lend him out.

Still Have Cold Feet?

Let us take care of it. Our dedicated social team can take you from a Bad Luck Brian to Baby Yoda in no time. And if you don’t know what that means, you definitely need to contact us.