We did it, team.

This year the AntiSocial team grew, learned, and totally kicked ass together. Check out this great 2019 recap video made by our in-house media team.

This year, AntiSocial created:

  • 31 Web Projects
  • 2,000,018 Written Words
  • 4992 Social Posts
  • Over 325 Video Projects
  • Over 3500 Photo Sets

Our team worked tirelessly, over 30,000 hours to be exact, to bring our clients cutting-edge, forward-thinking branding opportunities all year long.

We work hard so we can play hard.

Everyone knows the holidays are all about food, fun, and family. We wanted to bring all of that and more to our holiday party. Special thanks to the Vancouver Club for being such attentive, gracious hosts, to Signature Booths for providing stellar photo services throughout the night, and to our ever-patient loved ones for sticking with us throughout this busy year.

See more photos from the night below!

Words from Daryl Louie, Antisocial's CEO and Co-founder:

I’ve been in the creative industry for over 10 years and if I can leave you with some advice to take into this new year, it’s this

The satisfaction and memory that you gain from creating a social campaign, video, photo, or blog article is exciting, electrifying, and sexy; but ultimately short-lived. 

It’s the feeling after that initial excitement that you’ll remember and hold dear for much, much longer. What really matters is the people you worked with to create it, and those who worked with you. That’s what you’ll think of, and feel emotional about, when you see that creative piece years later. It’s all about the people.

2020, here we come.