AntiSocial Solutions Mega Mural 2017

AntiSocial Solutions Looks to Collaborate With Local Artists in Vancouver

We love Canada and especially for our home here in Vancouver. We’re lucky to live in a place where we have the freedom to express ourselves and be entrepreneurs and creatives. Artistic inspiration and collaboration are vital to us as a creative digital marketing agency, as well as vital to our community.

We’ve made it a mission to work with and support local artists. This includes our team of graphic designers, photographers and videographers, along with artists local to us and across the country. Through our projects, we’ve connected with two unique mural artists in Vancouver.

Jamie Bizness is a mural and tattoo artist we commissioned him to create our mural for our Gastown office. His piece gave us a drone’s-eye view of the Vancouver skyline, including our office.

Meghann McGrath, aka MEGA, is a mural and projection artists, known for her signature calligraphy. She applied her style to a 25-foot wall in our new Yaletown space, spelling out our motto: “Stay loyal to your creativity because it’s a gift”

About AntiSocial Solutions

We are AntiSocial Media Solutions: A digital branding and marketing agency that grows companies' online presence across Canada and internationally. our team specialises in creating an authentic connection between clients and their customers through social media, as well as storytelling through affordable social video production.