Over the past seven years, AntiSocial has grown from a small startup into a creative competitor. Our work has spanned industries, built communities, and helped us become a force in the digital world. Now, it’s time for us to continue growing.

As of April 2020, we are proud to announce that AntiSocial will be joining the Thinkingbox family.

Who is Thinkingbox?

Thinkingbox is a digital and experiential marketing studio that is known for imaginative and technologically proficient campaigns.

A diverse collective, they execute high-level strategies for clients across the globe. As a leader in the world of interactive production, they share our ethos of creating everything in-house.

What does this mean for AntiSocial Solutions?

In a way, nothing is changing. Our values are the same, our team is the same (though slightly bigger), and our work will only continue to improve. We are also keeping our name as a tribute to our journey and where we came from.

This growth gives us the opportunity to service our existing clients across multiple marketing verticals with a more expansive and diverse team. The AntiSocial team will get to create globally recognized experiential marketing, content production, and digital solutions alongside our already award-winning digital marketing work. 

Most importantly, this collaboration will allow us to expand professional development and mentorship for our team. Thinkingbox is an experienced company with a strong roster of global clients and some of the most talented creatives in the business. With new offices in LA, New York City, Salt Lake City, and Toronto, our team has the ability to move and learn in ways that weren’t available to us before. 

Where do we go from here?

We see this as an opportunity for our team to increase the level of work, commitment, and knowledge that we can deliver to our clients. We always aim for excellence and we are constantly trying to improve. For us, quality growth comes from taking on new partnerships, meeting new people, and learning new technologies.

Collaborating with Thinkingbox opens up new markets across North America for us to access as well as a whole new roster of clients. Our companies complement each other, with them covering high-level development, VR, production, and experiential marketing, and AntiSocial bringing our incredible digital campaigns to bolster their diverse offerings.

Our next steps involve bolstering our service offerings, expanding our creative capacity, and diving into the world of digital technology to create marketing campaigns that will blow your mind.

We hope to see you out there with us-- let's create together.