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Hey, We're Still Here!

Like many of Vancouver’s local businesses, we’ve made the decision to move our company online while we try to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Lucky for us, we work in the digital world! AntiSocial has been implementing work-from-home protocols since our inception and our staff are all well-prepared for mangaging their accounts remotely.

We checked in with our people on their first week at the home office to see what their work spaces look like and how they are staying motivated.

Things Are Totally Normal

Honestly, nothing has changed for us. Sure, we may have replaced our CEO with a dark lord bent on taking over the universe, but apart from that, everything is fine (just don’t say the name “Skywalker”).

AntiSocial Solutions remote leadership meeting over Google Hangouts

Leadership Meeting via Google Hangouts

Check out these happy faces! We usually only see them this excited when we start happy hour early on Friday. Seems like these folks are fresh and ready to tackle the day’s online projects. Go team!

AntiSocial's Michael Panes at-home work station with two one hundred dollar bills on the screen in Vancouver, BC

$tay Focused

Content Strategist Michael Panes likes to keep his mind on the prize. Staying focused on and off the court is Michael’s game-winning secret. He balances his 24/7 drive with some natural sunlight and ample hydration.

AntiSocial Solutions Melissa Tolentino's dog Henry sits at her remote work station in Vancouver, BC

Relax, Take It Easy

AntiSocial mascot Henry helps his mom and superstar Content Strategist Melissa Tolentino get set up for success every morning! Henry suggests getting real cozy, snuggling up, and taking lots of naps if you want to get ahead. Melissa says don’t listen to him.

AntiSocial Solutions Producer Reza Askari's work from home station in Vancouver, BC

Work the Perks

Project Manager Reza Askari knows that the fridge is where the heart is. Reza recommends keeping your snacks well-stocked and your taste-buds satisfied during this time of self-isolation.

AntiSocial Solutions Nicole Wei's work from home setup

Aesthetics, Please

Great work thrives in a great environment. In the absence of our office space, Social Head Nicole Wei has set her home up to inspire creativity. No wonder she always has the best mood boards.

Is This Desk Too Small?

Salad isn’t really sure what work-from-home means but she is happy that her mom and Content Writer Hannah Macready will be able to play fetch more. Hannah recommends setting a schedule so that your work-to-fetch-ratio levels out.

AntiSocial Producer Ann Linh's at-home work station in Vancouver, BC

Sticking to the Plan

Project Manager Ann Dinh knows that staying organized is key when self-motivating. She recommends writing lists to help jog your memory. You can also stick them to your window so you can get motivated and get sunshine at the same time.

AntiSocial's black german shepherd Moe sits on a balcony overlooking Vancouver BC

Moe Means Business

Social Strategist Aisha Fawkes is taking advantage of the sunshine and her great view. Her co-pilot Moe has implemented some strict work-from-home policies that mostly involve throwing sticks and early lunches.

Settle In

In a time of unprecedented change, Social Strategist Laura Bell knows that staying calm is your best bet. She stays grounded by creating a calm, creative workspace and taking time to reach out to her friends and loved ones.

Modern workspace set up by AntiSocial Solutions Producer Rob Lista

Business As Usual

Project Manager Rob Lista is no stranger to the digital world. As a long time web developer, he knows the strength of the online sphere and sees this as a great time to innovate digital strategies. Don’t panic, adjust! With the right mindset and a creative drive, we can come out of this stronger than ever.