With growth, comes change. And, our recent brand refresh means crisp, company-wide new changes.

Recently, we’ve made a few adjustments to better serve our clients. With our company’s recent growth, we decided it was time for a brand refresh. We’ve given our logo a new look, implemented fresh internal processes, purchased new gear, and hired more creatives. So, next time you’re at the AntiSocial Headquarters, say hi to all the new faces.

Why have a brand refresh?

Refreshing a brand is important after periods of large growth. A company will evolve alongside their clients and projects. A brand refresh can also help to reposition a company within their industry — just look at Apple after Steve Jobs took over. The company pivoted into a minimalist style, championing user experience for their customers. The brand refresh was wildly well received.

antisocial company logo update

Progress creates change.

For us, we decided to refresh our brand following a few years of growth. We believe that change is the natural offspring of progress and we embraced those changes with open arms. Our internal processes have become streamlined and efficient; we hired new team members to keep up with project demands and implemented an internship program to stay relevant with new talent in the industry while providing opportunities to those starting out. We purchased new equipment to further our creative aptitude and gave our logo a new look.

We are only as good as the work we do for our clients.

We wouldn’t be where we are without our incredible roster of clients — old and new. It’s because of the people that we work with that we can continue to grow and exercise our creativity. So, to everyone who has collaborated, participated, and worked with us — thank you. We’re happy you’re along for the ride.