We take our playlists very seriously.

Free Samples is curated by AntiSocial’s own office DJ, Warren Fenton who cycles through dope tracks on playlists and roads alike. Fenton belongs to the Media Team, a section of the office known for its creative aptitude and inappropriate sense of humour.

Sampling songs into other tracks can be traced back to the origins of hip-hop. Whether it’s paying tribute to a musical God or unearthing a long forgotten auditory gem, sampling appears in some of our most-loved tracks.

And, we’ve probably all experienced that tickle of nostalgia when you hear a sample but can’t quite place it, spurring crazy Google searches and the re-downloading of Shazam. Well, look no further. Free Samples is a specially curated playlist of songs that were used in rap samples. For those of you who love Soul and Funk, this is what’s up.

Check out what we’re listening to below:

Always remember, music releases dopamine and dopamine = happiness. So, when you find a playlist this good put on your headphones, plug in your aux cord, or override whoever’s hogging the Bluetooth speaker and turn it up.