We take our playlists very seriously.

Get Schooled – Hip Hop 101 is curated by AntiSocial’s own office DJ, Professor of Bewitching-beats, Rob Lista. He’s a part of our Project Management team, specializing in Web Dev, a corner of the office known for their boss attitudes and ability to get shit done.

This playlist dives into old school hip hop, a throwback to the Golden Era. Get Schooled – Hip Hop 101 isn’t just littered with your typical bangers but is a curated list of carefully selected hip hop tracks deliberately sourced and vetted. This list predates mumble rap and trap, taking you on an auditory time travel back to the streets of New York in the nineties.

Lista’s list covers a lot of ground and all of it is gold. Prepare yourself to be submerged in some dope nostalgia.