We take our playlists very seriously.

Half & Half is curated by AntiSocial’s own office DJ’s, slick-sounds connoisseur Mitra Barber and melody-devotee Nicole Wei. They’re part of our Social Team, a corner of the office known for good lookin’ humans and even better lookin’ dogs.

The name Half & Half is a play on their mixed-race heritage, Nicole is half-Chinese and Mitra is half-Japanese. Simultaneously, Half & Half reflects the mood and genre of the playlist. Nicole and Mitra pursued a balance between happy and sexy; feel-good, shameless dance tunes and sensual slow jams.

Growing up, they (much like a lot of us) danced and cried to most of the songs on this list. This playlist is an aphrodisiac-like throwback celebrating young love, lust, and spicy beats.

Studies show we project the mood of the music we’re listening to onto the people around us. If you’re listening to happy music, people seem happier. The same goes for sad tunes. So, if you’re planning on entertaining a date, the smart thing to do is to throw on this playlist.

Plus, in general, music improves your mood and brain function — making you smarter and happier. Or, at least making you seem smarter and happier.