We take our playlists very seriously.

Hidden Gems is curated by AntiSocial’s own office DJ, flow-aficionado Aayush Chopra. Chopra belongs to the Social Media Team, a section of the office known for knowing what’s good.

Underground hip hop and rap challenges industry assumptions and disregards standards. These artists aren’t pandering to their audience — they’re not about fitting into mainstream music which is exactly what makes their stuff so good.

This list boasts a few recognizable names like A$AP, So Loki and Pusha T, but make sure you pay close attention to the artists, like Boslen and Jack Harlow, who aren’t household names — yet.

Hidden Gems presents off-the-beaten-path tracks to you on a Spotify silver platter.  It’s full of artists turning heat into fire; most of them will be names new to the average hip hop fan. If you’re looking for head bumping hip hop with alternative vibes, you’re in the right place.