We take our playlists very seriously.

MTV Raps is curated by AntiSocial’s own office DJ, timed tempo tycoon Alex Chan. Alex is one of our wise leaders, a sect of the office known for signin’ cheques and pettin’ dogs.

MTV Raps is a tribute to an era when you invested in Speaker Pods and an Alpine Subwoofer that killed your trunk space. You didn’t care — it was worth the price to bump Geto Boys and Notorious BIG.

These tracks will transport you back into the good ol’ days when MTV ruled the world — or at the very least, decided what we were going to listen to. MTV Raps is the pop-inspired little brother to our Get Schooled – Hip Hop 101 playlist. You can expect easy listening from the late 80s, 90s, and early 00s and a combination of major hip hop and R&B artists.

Props to whoever can recognize the tracks tapping into popular media. Hint: Office Space, Dangerous Minds, and most recently, Us.